What You Should Know About Work Safety Signs

September 13, 2018 admin

What You Should Know About Work Safety Signs

Safety signs warn of potential hazards in the workplace and guide people in an emergency, so it is essential to install them in appropriate places. The correct signaling is effective as a safety technique, but we must not forget that it never eliminates the risk by itself. Therefore it should never replace the safety standards, work instructions and preventive measures that have to be adopted.

We are a company committed to developing the safety signs advisory, design, manufacturing and installation. Furthermore commercialization of road and industrial safety signage, corporate image, elements for urban furnishing and personal safety. The signaling safety and health at work should be used whenever the analysis of risks, emergencies and preventive measures are taken.



Signaling is an aspect of great importance in safety and hygiene in general. Security symbols, warning or any other type of warning abound in daily life. Some of these signals apart from indicating information can save lives of people at work. That is why it is very important to study this type of signaling. Signaling can be used as a corrective measure or preventive measure in the work environment.

Signaling is an extremely useful tool and can prevent accidents but this must be part of a prevention plan and must be accompanied by other forms and tools to prevent accidents. Once the risk assessment has been carried out, a signal plan can be carried out in such a way as to avoid risks and accidents of the company’s workers or third parties who may be located within the facilities at any given moment. (Subcontracted companies, commercial companies, family members in a residence, etc).

Correctly signaling a facility can save lives.

In order to carry out a signaling plan indicating the layout of signs and signs in the companies, it is necessary to observe the visual points and optimize the spatial distribution of elements within industrial and business environments. The signs must be clear and simple, oriented to the greatest possible visualization.

At present, the growing importance that is presented in the companies related to job security has motivated different state agencies to intervene in a more compromising manner in compliance with safety regulations. The supervisions in companies and industrial complexes have developed a significant improvement in the compliance of safety and industrial signage.


Signaling for all:

It is important to take into account when making a signaling plan, consider that any individual who is in the establishment at the time of an accident must quickly understand the indicative signs, where to go and at what pace to leave the place. If at the time a fire occurs, a person outside the daily work activity is in the industrial installation space, the person must understand where to go to save his life. The clear indications and communication during times of pressure are mostly given by signs.

Maintain good condition: Once the correct signaling arrangement has been made, it must be taken into account that the subsequent maintenance of the signaling is fundamental to the success of the signaling objectives. It is important to bear in mind that in addition to the correct position of the signs, it must be noted that the material used to make the product must meet quality standards and current legislation.

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