The Ultimate Guide to Successful Commercial Signage

August 21, 2020 admin

The ultimate guide to successful commercial signage

Commercial signage is one of the must-haves if you want your business to succeed. Marketing these days is very competitive, which is important that you come up with strategies to stay ahead of your competitors.

This can be achieved by following some easy marketing strategies like using attractive business signage. Once you design a unique and long-lasting sign for your business, it can last for a long time. However, just a small mistake in the design can end up scaring away potential customers.

When coming up with your business signage design, ensure that you put into consideration important elements like typography, colour, size, location among other things. Confirm that all these things complement each other.

The best signage design company should be able to offer nothing short of quality signs. That said, we are going to discuss some important tips to help design a unique, cool and attractive commercial signage that can generate more leads to your business.


1. Keep the sign simple

As much as commercial signage needs to be eye-catching, it also should easy to read and understand. So the design should be kept as simple as possible. When coming up with the signage, ensure that you put your business goals in mind. The signage should clearly reflect your business image.

2. Colour combination

As already stated, keep in mind the image of your company in order to create successful commercial signage Consider the company’s mission and goals as well. If possible, only use a maximum of 3 colours in order to keep the design simple.

3. Colour contrast

This is also important if you want your business signage to be readable. Usually, business, or commercial signage as a whole consists of both texts and graphics. Therefore, it is prudent to choose colours that match will with your texts and graphics. Research indicates that colour combination of white and black in signage is more visible than any other colour. It can especially work well when you are starting out.

How colour creates contrast

As the popular belief says, it only takes 3 seconds to make your product or service attractive to customers who pass by your store. The main aim of having commercial signage is to capture the attention of your customers at first instance. We have already mentioned that white and black colours are more preferred. This colour mixture attracts more attention even from customers who are far from the sign.

4. Location

Besides the design, colour, shape and size, you should consider the location before creating your business signage. Actually, just like our company’s image, you should think about the location right from the beginning. The sign should be easily noticed by your target group. If you are going to place the sign on the side of the road, try to use large fonts. This will make it easier to be read even with people inside a car.

5. The size

Usually, larger signage attracts more attention than smaller ones. If possible, start with the message that you really want your customers to see and let others follow. In short, start with the most important message, then the second important, third important and so on.


Designing perfect signage for your business may not be a walk in the park. But with the best signage company, you can be guaranteed a quality business signage and at an affordable price. They can create signage that can suit your business needs while putting the image and goals of your company into consideration.



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