The Ultimate Guide To Brighten your Business Light Boxes in Melbourne

October 19, 2022 admin

Have you ever thought of brightening your business light boxes in Melbourne? Here’s how to brighten up your business light boxes in Melbourne with these few tips and tricks! Let’s get started! These are some very useful tips that you should use! Brightening up your business light boxes will attract more customers. Bright light boxes will increase the number of customers coming into your store, by about 3-4% depending on the industry you have and the time of day you place the lighting box. These are great ways to improve your business in Melbourne!

An Introduction to using Business light boxes signage for your business

Businesses can have difficulty finding new ways to stay competitive and relevant. Luckily, you can do some simple things to ensure that your business stays on the forefront of people’s minds. Using signage, such as LED light box signs, is one approach to stand out from the competition and draw in more customers. Continue reading for some helpful information if you’re curious to find out more about how LED light boxes might boost the success of your company. What Is An LED Light Box Sign, Exactly? An LED sign or light box is a multipurpose display tool that generates text and images on an LED-lit surface. These displays can be animated or static (i.e., moving) (i.e., dynamic). It’s important to note that these displays come in a variety of sizes and forms; you may choose the one that best meets your demands from our selection of sizes. Who Has Access to These Displays? Nowadays, almost every company seeks to outperform its rivals by grabbing as much attention as they can. But in reality, not everyone has the same advertising budget as large corporations. For small businesses, light boxes are an excellent investment because they’re both cost-efficient and productive! You don’t need any prior design knowledge; all you need is a little creativity to get started.


Business light boxes signage Vinage Customs Melb 1Colour Theory for Business light boxes signage

Light box signs are a great way to make sure that passersby notice your business. However, the colours you use can play an important role in whether or not people do see your sign. Most people know about the famous colour wheel and its primary colors – blue, red and yellow – but what is less well-known is that they also have a polar opposite on either side of the wheel. For example, blue has red as its opposite and yellow has purple as its opposite. If you’re designing a sign with both blue and yellow it’s essential to incorporate some element of red too if you want viewers to be able to read it.


Practical Tips

  1. Consider how you want to use the light box and where it will be located. For example, if you want to put it outside, you’ll need to purchase a pole or armature with an outdoor cover.
  2. Ensure the materials used are appropriate for the environment they’re going into. For instance, if you’re putting up a light box outside make sure it’s made of waterproof material or plastic panels which can be replaced easily when they get damaged.
  3. Measure the available space before deciding on a specific size – too big is no good!
  4. Decide on what type of backlight you want (fluorescent, LED) and whether there should be an internal backlit lettering panel or not.
  5. Understand what controls are needed – these vary from remote control switches to wired switches with built-in timers so you don’t have to go out every night!
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