Make your Signage Work Double Time in the Construction Industry

October 15, 2020 admin

We see lots of accidents taking place out there in the construction industry. The good news is that we are in a position to overcome many such accidents. We just need to pay our attention to few factors. Out of those factors, safety signage has received a lot of attention. Getting safety signage for the construction industry will not just enhance safety. It can also contribute a lot towards boosting productivity among workers. Hence, time taken for a construction project to be completed can be reduced significantly.


Different types of safety signage used in construction industry

When you take a look at the construction industry, you will notice that many different types of safety signage are being used. Here is a list of some of the most prominent types of safety signage out of them.

  • Mandatory signs

Mandatory signs are specific related to an action that should be taken place in different parts of the construction site. For example, this includes wearing appropriate outfits, such as high visibility vests when spending time in designated areas around the construction site.

  • Warning signs

Warning signs are indicating the potential hazards that exist in the construction site. All the people who work at the construction site should keep their eyes open and be aware of these hazards. Some of the hazards can be life-threatening. Some examples for such hazards that you can find in the construction industry includes electric shock and uneven surfaces.

  • Prohibition signs

Some of the items are prohibited from taking into the construction site. For example, smoking and using mobile phone are prohibited. It can be informed with the help of signage work. Even if no external person is permitted to enter into the construction site, it can be highlighted with the use of a prohibition sign.

  • Emergency information signs

Emergency information signs are providing details with related to the different emergency facilities that are available in the construction site. They include information with related to first aid kids, emergency exists and many more.

  • Fire signage

The fire signs are providing help to the visitors as well as construction industry workers in order to understand the specific location of fire extinguishers. Then they will not have to look around for fire extinguishers to put off a fire. They will be able to get hold of the fire extinguishers and use them in the shortest possible time.

  • Danger signs

Danger signs are also being used to warm construction site workers and visitors about the potential hazards that exist. Usually, these signs are used to let them know about life-threatening hazards that exist in the site.


How can construction industry safety signage help you to increase efficiency?

People who work for the construction site are equipped with limited time and you need to make sure that you are getting the most out work from them during that time. Safety signage is indirectly providing assistance on that. That’s because the construction site workers will be able to understand what hazards are available to them. Then they will be able to keep them in mind and take appropriate measures to ensure protection accordingly. This will help them to focus more on the work that is being done. In other words, the knowledge shared with safety signage can help the construction site workers to stay away from being distracted. This will eventually increase overall productivity in the construction sites. Hence, you should think about getting appropriate safety signage for your construction site.

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