How To Remove Signage From Office Windows?

August 12, 2019 admin

How To Remove Signage From Office Windows?

Signage is oftentimes used to represent identity. A lot of business and brand make use of it to indicate some information about them. These signages are important and often times serve as a special type of advert for the brand. Often times, this signage is put up and they last for a number of years.

The list of places where signage can be attached is endless. All you need to do is get a surface suitable for your needs and you’re good to go. It is quite common to come across a lot of institutions, firms, offices or business who have their signage on their office window. As long as it suits requirements, the window is effective in displaying signage. Like every other thing, signage also has its duration of useful life. This duration is dependent on a number of factors. At the end of the useful life, the signage will be taken down or placed

There are a variety of other reasons why a brand or anyone would want to remove signage from office windows. It would be impossible to make a list of all of them. But how exactly is signage removed from office windows? It is common knowledge that they can be quite a pain to remove from windows. Take a look at the following steps to successfully remove window signage.

Peel it off.

The first thing to do is to try peeling it off. Try peeling it off with your finger or a plastic card. Make use of a credit card to wedge a space between the two and then continuously use the cards to peel it off. Avoid the use of razors or other sharp objects to prevent damage to the surface. Chances are that if the signage isn’t stuck, it will peel off. If it doesn’t, take a look at the next step. This type of signage removal technique is the best choice for less-permanent signage.

Heat it up.

Perhaps, the signage is too stuck to be peeled off quite easily. Get a blow dryer handy. The heat from the blow dryer will make the adhesive less sticky and the signage will instantly become easier to remove. If there’s no access to a blow dryer, hot water would do the trick. Apply hot water to the window surface. Slowly, the adhesive will get weaker and easier to remove.

Remove any residue.

Now, you’ve managed to eliminate most of the signage from the window. What’s next is to take care of any residue from the signage that’s left on the window surface. Once you’re done removing the signage, the leftover residue would show signs of the removed adhesive. A simple way to deal with certain types of residue would involve the use of soapy water to wipe the window surface. However, cases of stubborn residue may require the use of a removing agent. This may require rubbing alcohol or other chemical substances. Simply, dampen a cloth with the removing agent and rub it on the surface. Make sure to apply pressure when needed.

Wash the surface.

Make sure that you clean up the surface after applying the removing agent. This is quite simple and all you need to do is to rub a damp cloth on the surface. This will wipe it clean and it’s ready for you to put up something else.

By closely following all the steps listed above, you will finally be able to remove signage from office windows.

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