How To Make Builder Site Signage Like a Boss

August 10, 2020 admin

How To Make Builder Site Signage Like a Boss

Even before you spend your valuable time in creating a builder site signage, you should first know what the regulations of these signs are in your location. For instance, you may not be allowed to create signs with specific features, like exceeding a certain size or the ones that light up. Your signage should also have the same features are those of other signs in the same location. This is in terms of the size, colour combination among other things. And that being side, here are some important tips to help you create a builder site like a professional

Know the function

Which message do you want the builder site signage to portray? Some sites are informative while others are directional. Such signs warn people against reaching a particular section of the construction while others only want to inform you that there is some form of construction in progress.  The builder site sign should be big enough for people to see and read the content.

Maximize the materials

Most people make use of three dimensional signs mostly because they are more rewarding. Ensure that you choose materials that can help portray your message clearly.  For instance, builder site signage can be made of wood or metal and have warning signs as part of the message.

Be consistent

Whether your builder sign aims to show direction or warn people, don’t forget to maintain consistency.  Use the same colours and fonts in the entire signage. This can help cement your message in the minds of passers-by.

Seek assistance

In order to clearly portray your message to the target group, ensure that you hire a graphic designer to help create the signage. A reputable designer can create a professional signage that can clearly pass the intended message.

Show personality

A large percentage of a signage is graphics. But this is not all. Texts also play a vital role in your builder site signage.  You can use words in a creative way to express personality. For instance, you can use the phrase men at work to indicate that the construction site is busy at the moment.

Mix it up

There is so much you can do for a signage to make it stand out. As soon as the site is created, you can also add temporary posters and banners which are not that expensive but can make a great difference in terms of identity.

buider site signage-in-Melbourne-Vinage-Customs-Signs-3Get outside

Construction site signage isn’t intended for indoor use. Most of these signs are portable and can be placed anywhere near a construction site.  If for instance the site is located across the street where there is a lot of traffic, portable signs can be of great help.  And do not forget to place the sign when the streets are busy since this is the time that matters the most.

Proof read

This is also an important part in creating a builder site signage that many people tend to ignore. Remember that message written incorrectly in such setups can lead to serious consequences. You need to proofread the message and also let a friend do the same. Check for spelling errors and ensure that the grammar is accurate. You also should check for punctuation errors.

Always keep it fresh

The fact that you have successfully created a signage doesn’t mean that your work should store there. Keep reviewing the message to see whether it works.  This will keep the sign fresh the whole time you are at the construction site.

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