How to Make an Attention Grabbing Statutory Signage

December 19, 2019
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December 19, 2019 admin

How to Make an Attention Grabbing Statutory Signage

As we might have already known that signage is basically a sign put up in public places for the convenience of locating and identifying places.

The signage is not only used by the government to ease people’s movement, but it could also be used in business to advertise products or food to places. It is also essential in the service industry, people know where to go when they need particular services, someone who needs counselling knows to go to a counsellor, someone who needs his/her cash washed knows where to go and so many other examples like that.

However, even in putting up signs to reveal the business or services we provide or perhaps for public warnings which it was meant for.  It is important in how we present it. It should seem appealing to the public and most of all communicate the idea we want.  

Signs and statutory signage have become a day to day need. If then you’d use it to, you have to do it differently to get a different result. Find your angle.

An attention-grabbing statutory should go thus;


A business sign and a public sign are quite different. A public sign lets people know when they enter a new place, when and where they can get gas, how long their destination is. And so on. A public sign itself is of few words.

Simple and understandable: 

Public signs are perhaps the simplest signs ever, they sometimes use drawings. A no-smoking sign could come in this phrase “NO SMOKING” or the drawing of a lit cigarette and a ban on it. With so many examples like that.

Advertise people’s need:

It is important to go straight to the point especially for business owners. Such that when people passing by see it. It would be the first thing to be noticed.

A sidewalk signpost could be perfect for a small business. It should be quite mobile and easily carried as at when needed.  It should reflect why people should branch; better service, discount, incentives and other captivating offers.

  • Use few words: It is particular to business owners. this goes along with advertising people’s need. Don’t use so many words trying to explain into details, give the essential information.
  • Size:  This is very important as regards the signpost. There is no standard size. It is left to the individual’s initiative. However, whichever size would be used should be visible enough to be seen. The location of the signpost is perhaps something that might determine how large the signage might be. A typical example is a signpost erected at express roads, this obviously has to be very big in size. Which would make it visible from afar distance.
  • Colour combination: the colour combination is another thing to consider. The business is often associated with particular colours. A good example is someone who sales food, the colours used would most likely be yellow and red. Another example is blue, oftentimes it is associated with blue. While agricultural products tend towards green.
  • Sampling; this is not so much of a bad idea, it is best to go through some other things that have been designed, especially on the internet. It helps to broaden our knowledge. It helps to sample potential competitors and see how we can take these ideas and make it better.

Conclusion :

there is really no complexity to government signage. They are quite simple.  Signages for business are more difficult. The first thing id advice is to know your target and what they need. From there other things begin to fall in place.

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