How to Get On Top With The Best Corporate Signage in Melbourne

November 23, 2021 admin

Corporate signage Melbourne is an essential part of your business. Your commercial signage Melbourne CBD can be anything from wall signs, window signs, sidewalk signs, floor signs, and more. While each of these can serve a different purpose, if done correctly, good signage provides your customers and prospects with subtle but essential communication cues, increases brand awareness, and can ultimately help you convert a sale.

Whether you’re using signs for functional or branding purposes, it’s important to remember that a customer’s takeout isn’t just their logo; it’s the entire experience from introduction to closing the sale and everything in between. Need help from a professional sign company near me? We are here to help you with commercial signage making and installation. Presenting your target customers with clear, concise, and branded office reception signage Melbourne is an essential part of your business puzzle. To help ensure that your signs work for you and to illuminate some new ideas, here are our top 5 ways how you can make optimum utilization of your custom signs Australia.


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  • Provide clear communication

When customers are bombarded with too much information (think posters that contain excessive text and graphics), they can experience cognitive overload. When this happens, your clients’ work memory cannot process the “overload” of information they are receiving. Because customers have limited working memory, overloading them with information at once can create a negative perception of your brand. Still, it can erode their trust in your company and impair their decision-making skills, which is the only thing you want as a business owner. Clear communication through signage is an excellent way to reduce cognitive overload and increase the end-user likelihood of purchase.

Directional signage and safety standard signage are two common types of signage communication.

The goal of directional signage is to direct your customers to specific locations, such as restrooms, parking, customer service, cashiers, information, the main office, specific offices in multi-tenant buildings, and so on.

Standard safety signage is designed to warn of hazards, identify safety equipment locations (fire extinguishers, first aid), warn of dangers and areas where caution should be exercised, identify exit routes and doors.


  • Transmits brand identity and character

Consider this: If your company uses a whimsical font, such as papyrus, and you are a doctor’s office, your office will appear more like a card store than a doctor’s office from the outside. Branding decisions are essential, but maintaining consistency across your space is even more critical.

According to a 2012 FedEx survey, 76 percent of consumers will enter a store they have never ever visited before based on the strength of the signage, but 52 percent said they would be hesitant to buy if the signals were not well done (cognitive overload may come into play here). What does this mean for businesses? Signage is essential but making sure it aligns with your brand’s vision may be even more critical. Furthermore, your interior signage broadens the brand experience, giving you more opportunities to convert a sale and make sure to build a name for yourself as an industry leader.

So, how you can take all the necessary efforts to ensure that your signage accurately reflects the personality and identity of your company? Working with a designer and following their band’s guidelines is imperative. Pay special attention to creating your logo (generic is a brand killer), font size (bigger is usually better), colors used (think colors used for brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Home Depot, etc.), and contrast. Between the colors used in the signage, generally, more difference is more significant.


  • Raising brand awareness

You want your commercial sign to stand out in the same way that your brand’s personality does and easily tell potential customers what your brand is about, so it should make a great first impression on everyone who sees it. Also, having your interior signage, whether for branding or security, with the proper branding will further increase brand awareness and provide a sense of credibility in the customers’ minds.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop looking for commercial signs near me and directly contact us for professional commercial signage installation.



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