How to Drive Traffic In with Pylon Signage?

November 7, 2019
November 7, 2019 admin

Signage is an old, effective strategy used by different brands around the world to attract new customers to deal with them. However, it important that you make use of the right kind of signage. Depending on the type of business which you run and where you’ll be designing your sign, you can make use of a variety of options. Pylon signage is one of the best options which you can make use of to display the brand of your business. They’re quite special and they offer you a different set of features to attract your customers.

Pylon signs are usually seen placed high above buildings. Basically, they are easier to notice when you’re driving along a highway or a shopping centre. They are signs used to attract motorists from a far distance. These signs are usually designed as standalone signs for business brands. Pylon signage usually appears in a variety of forms namely illuminated letters, sideways lettering, dual pillars, brick base and so on. Brands have definitely made use of this type of signage to improve their customer perception and drive traffic. So, how do you drive traffic to your business with the use of pylon signs?

First of all, you have to understand that Pylon signage is different from your regular signs. They can do a lot for your business and offer you a type of coverage which you didn’t anticipate. To drive traffic with the use of pylon signs, you would need to pay attention to the following steps:

Properly examine where you would be keeping your signage.

Ask yourself, where would you be keeping the pylon sign. Hundreds of vehicles pass by routes; that’s if you’ll be keeping the sign by the roadside. This m/eans that’s when you make use of this type of signage, you can expect a lot of people to learn about your brand. All you have to do is make sure you make use of the best vantage position.

Will you be keeping it by the freeway? Are you in a busy shopping centre? At the edge of a freeway? Or probably at the top of a hill. These are some of the best places to keep a pylon sign. Pylon signs can be seen from far distances and this makes them appropriate for such locations.

Ensure there are no obstructions from all angles.

Make sure that the sign can be seen clearly from all angles. However, you should also know that depending on where to put up your sign, you can’t have all the space. This means that you have to maximize all the angles.

Make use of a compelling colour scheme.

Now, the sign will be quite some distance away and your potential customers have to see what’s written on it clearly. To do this, you need a compelling colour scheme. Basically, your colour is your identity and your clients have to be able to know who you are from a distance.

Contrasting colours are clearer. The readability of a sign is very important. To allow for impressive readability of sign, it’s advised that you make use of contrasting colours. Think of making use of a light colour on a dark background or making use of dark colours on a white background. Improving the readability of a sign will improve the speed at which it can be read. This way, it’s easier for your potential customers to remember your identity. 

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