How to create, design, and print custom signage for your business needs

August 28, 2018
August 28, 2018 admin

How to create, design, and print custom signage for your business needs

In the current high-competitive business world, everyone is focusing more on online marketing and advertising through mobile phones. But for you to ensure that you attract the attention of your target audience, a little thing as coming up with a uniquely designed custom signage can be rewarding as far as your marketing goals are concerned.

Many businesses today find the use of signage to be a perfect strategy in creating business awareness and grabbing the attention of customers. A study also indicated that businesses that are creative in their signage designs achieve better results compared to those who have casual designs. Whatever your preferences are, your signage design is what will determine whether you will win more customers for your business or you will continue recording low profits. The best signage designs will always attract customers from afar, and they will end up reading your signage even if they didn’t intend to stop. For you to get the most out of your signage design, there are 4 important principles that must be adhered to when designing posters, banners and other signage.


Compelling color

The color choice plays a vital role when coming up with a signage design. The main aim of using effective color is to convey the brand identity. In fact, most people identify a business trade mark according to the color used. When it comes to color choice for your signage, try as much as possible to use trendy colors. But still, you need to consider how long the signage will be in use since the color that is trending today may not have much influence tomorrow. You also need to consider the type of color to use. Most people tend to think that only bright and flashy colors will attract people to reading your sign. But a combination of less bright colors, like black or yellow, for instance, is not only attractive, but will also make your signage visible from a distance.

Contrast for readability

Contrast is also a huge factor when it comes to signage. The contrast of your sign is what will determine its readability. The best signs should have texts and graphics included on the foreground with a different color in the background. This will make a person go through your signage without a lot of straining.

Size matters

The larger the signage letters, the easier it is to read. This is especially important in highway signage for people who are driving at a relatively high speed to easily know what the signage is all about. If you place the signage next to your competitors, ensure that it stands out by being a bit taller compared to other signs.

Factors to consider when printing a signage

Depending on where the sign will be placed, there are different materials used to make signage. You also need to consider if the material is strong enough to survive in harsh weather conditions. For instance, yard signs can work well for outdoor use, poster signs are perfect for indoor use. Banners on the other hand, can be used or both indoor and outdoor signage.

Handling requirements are also a consideration when printing signage. The good thing is that most stocks that we currently have are designed to be durable enough to resist frequent wear and tear.

As much as signage plays an important role in business advertising, you can only achieve better results with the signage if you use quality signage designs. One advantage with signage designs is that they are quite affordable and you don’t have to spend a fortune for this marketing strategy to be rewarding.


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