Essential things about retail signage you want to know

September 12, 2019
September 12, 2019 admin

Essential things about retail signage you want to know

Regardless of your type of company, the truth is that signage is very useful. It should be the first thing that your customers get to know about you. There are different types of signage but retail signage is utilised by retailers. Retail signage is useful because it can be useful in telling the customer what you offer for sale. Basically, retail signage is a special type of ad that helps to educate your customer about the services you provide and why you should patronise them.

However, quite often than not, retail signage is not done properly. Sometimes, this is due to the lack of expertise of the signage company or other underlying problems. Effective retail signage is like a jackpot and will certainly appeal to the attention of passersby or potential customers. Let’s take a look at the essential elements of retail signage.

Simple Colour Scheme.

This point can’t be emphasised enough but if you’ll be doing retail signage, keep the colour scheme as simple as possible. Being simple doesn’t mean that you stick to just two colours but make sure that any colours you would be using are complimentary of what’s in the store. The colour scheme should also pass a message about the organisation in question. The colour scheme also had to be consistent and create a smoother environment.

Keep the message clear.

When designing this signage, you have to ensure that you keep your message to the client simple. You don’t have to include your sales pitch in the signage. You can simply make use of graphics and catchphrases to draw the attention of the customer. But it’s important that the message is as clear as possible. It should clearly indicate what goods, products or services that you offer to your customers.


Lighting can be used to create different effects on retail signage. Bright lighting can give the whole sign a facelift but too much LED will just be considered a waste. Dim lighting may be good too but it shouldn’t be too dark. Regardless of the lighting used, it is important to ensure optimal lighting to reduce flares and glares.

Get personal with your signage.

Retail signage should be designed to appeal to the senses of each of your customers. The message should be designed such that it speaks directly to them, almost like a wake-up call. Let your signage be warm and welcoming and make use of personal pronouns such as “you or your”. It should sound like a friend speaking to another than anything formal. Keep the message casual and people will feel more inclined to deal with you.

Some wayfinding may be a good choice.

Regardless of the type and quality of products which you offer for sale, without directing customers to your shop, you would have stockpiles of untouched goods. By setting up your retail signage as a wayfinding one, your customers are able to easily locate you for business; purchase or sales. The purpose of this will help yo reduce frustration and improve the accessibility of your store.

Ensure the fonts aren’t too small.

This is oftentimes a common mistake with a lot of retail signage. The truth is that signage with small fonts can be difficult to read sometimes. It is difficult to read for older people and others with eye-related issues. Also, it can be a problem to read one when the lighting is poor. To ensure that your signs can be read easily, consider increasing it by at least 2 fonts. Changing the positioning and angle of the font are also good options to improve readability.

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