Essential Things about Braille Signage you need to know

December 26, 2019
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Essential Things about Braille Signage you need to know

A Brief Introduction:

Braille is a form of writing, used by the visually impaired individuals to read. This method originated in France and it was named after the man who was known to have invented it “Louis Braille” in the early 1820s. He invented this system due to his blindness at a very long age. Although the braille system could have been said to be an improvement on night reading. Night writing was originally invented by napoleon’s army; it was later abolished because of the difficulty it posed in being learned.

Since its invention in the 1800’s so many people have contributed greatly to its improvement although there’s hardly being any on the Louis braille itself, just that so many other countries have found ways to make it’s writing more suitable to their language rather than to the French itself.

For example, there is the English braille, German braille, Arabic Braille, Japanese Braille, Korean braille. Later on, Luxembourgish adopted the eight-dot braille which according to him would a dot beneath each letter to coin out its capital letter.

The improvement of braille

Braille has been improved with the advancement in technology such that it can be read on ATM machines, Public Phone boxes, landline phones, Pedestrian stopping areas and crossings electronic devices and computer screens.  Braille note-taker, it could be typed on braille typewriter, braille embosser.

The ability to read and write in braille was crucial in involving blind people in day to day activities, especially activities that concerns Education and getting jobs among the blind. Which means that there is likely to be an economic side to it since they are allowed to join the workforce even though their kinds of the job will be greatly limited. This provision made blind people less of a burden and more of a bonafide member of the society.

 Signage is generally signs put up in public places for directions.

Why is Braille important?

  It is important for the same reasons signposts are posts are important.

Basically it is to communicate, direct and help people locate places in their day to day lives. Blind people are limited to see with their sense of touch. If the government could consider fashioning a system of education to suit them and also provide them with Jobs that they can adapt to. It is then not a far-fetched idea to put up public signs in public that they would be able to read.

Are their limitations to Braille?

There is no limitation to its use, as long as you can see the need for it, then it becomes needed.

The use of Braille signage has increased in recent times, it can now be found in public places like; push and pull doors, room signs, WC toilets, building sections, in elevators, staircases, a few museums, in the parks, places of worship, post offices, hotels, banks, local councils, leisure centres, on banknotes, aeroplanes. Its use knows no limit and it is often put up in convenient and predictable places where blind people can spot it. Apart from buildings, it could also be used for receipts or bills, school work, legal paperwork, pharmaceutical packaging, braille labels on books, electronics, DVD, phones and lots more.

The visually impaired/physically disabled have rights

Over 150 countries across the world now advocate human rights for the physically challenged with the introduction of Rights of Persons with Disabilities (equity and Independence) to give them the ability to do what they aren’t able to do. Braille for the blind is part of this right. It allows both the blind and visually impaired people to protect their rights.

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