A Strong Custom Logo Signage Secret That Beats Your Competition Every Time

June 9, 2021 admin

Every company’s dream is for its Logo to become synonymous with its brand, from the sportswear company with the swoosh to the electronics behemoth with the iconic piece of fruit emblazoned on all of its items. Your Logo will appear on everything, including your website, business cards, menus, and T-shirts, until you’ve decided on one. If you’re unsure where to begin with, logo design, your local signage company is a great place to start for advice.

Many companies now find that signage and graphics draw people’s attention to a business and a company. The face of the company is custom logo signage. They assist you in establishing a presence in your neighborhood, reflecting the quality of your goods and services, and, most importantly, capturing the interest of potential customers while they are right in front of your store at best possible time. Signs, as the oldest type of advertisement, have been the subject of extensive research and studies. It is essential for your business to display well-designed unique logos.

Despite not having a plan to stop in place, people stop after looking at bright signage and shopping. Signs should be part of a company’s overall marketing plan.


About 75% of consumers said they had told other people about a business solely because of its signage.

An eye-catching logo sign that is memorable will get people talking about your business. This statistic shows that signage can be just as important as the products and services you offer. People hadn’t even visited the industry, but the flashy, colorful signs made them tell their friends.

More than half of consumers say that bad signage discourages them from entering a market, while 60% say that a lack of signage does the same.

Don’t let potential customers pass you by because your Logo isn’t appealing and inviting. Using custom logo signage, create an entrance that makes people want to stop. They have the power to change your company by demonstrating to consumers that you are professional and open for business.

83% of business owners who purchased LED signs noticed an increase in sales.

LED Logo signs used in stores encourage shoppers to spend up to 30% more time browsing, increasing their chances of buying more.

Display digital logo signs throughout your establishment to highlight your brand and thereby creating brand awareness.  Customers will be drawn to browse longer with electronic billboards.

About 67% of consumers say they bought a product or service because a sign caught their attention.

Capture the attention of passersby with an attractive logo display that invites people into the store. You can use a plastic lighted interior sign to give your storefront a cozy look or digital signage Melbourne to promote sales. Either way, more people will stop if they notice your business.



65% of companies that made a significant change to signage reported an increase in revenue.

It is possible to make a difference with proper logo signage. New signs will help the company stand out, present it in the best light, and attract as many potential customers as possible.

Allow us to design stunning custom logo signage for you that will leave a lasting impression!

Your Logo would be appropriate for various marketing and signage materials if you work with our in-house graphic designers. We have a lot of experience making eye-catching designs that work in any size. Do you want a new logo? We’ll work together on a brief and provide you with print and web-ready files. Our logo design service is a cost-effective and quick way to boost the company’s visual recognition.

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