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Construction site signs Melbourne is essential in informing people of the location of your business. They’re much more than just a navigational aid. Business signs, digital posters, and building signs serve as a constant reminder to customers that this is where they can get the goods or services you provide. Furthermore, the form and design of signage convey a lot about a company’s logo and influences how customers view it. One of the vital aspects of business development is branding. These signs’ colors, fabrics, designs, fonts, and lighting work to imprint the brand and its memory in current and future customers’ minds.

Any company must have a strong brand. Getting your company’s logo and name in front of current and potential customers is an important part of growing your business. Businesses that own their buildings can display their logos prominently along the road or directly on the structure. Still, for companies that rent commercial real estate, the signage is much more complicated.


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Business doesn’t start when an establishment opens its doors to the public for the first time. It begins when information about your location and what is available there is first presented to the public. This is where construction site signs Melbourne and digital signage play an essential role. These cost-effective signage options allow a business to inform the public that this is where it will open its doors and what it will offer to the market.

For a well-established business, new signage provides a way to update its image. If a construction sign that has been around for many years is replaced with a new one with different styles, colors, and effects, people will wonder what else has changed and brought them in to see for themselves.


Dimensional lettering and logos have an impact no matter where they are displayed. At Vinage Customs, we can produce custom 3D signage Melbourne in a full-color spectrum and offer various materials for exterior construction signage.


Different forms of signaling rights exist.

You may be able to request the following, depending on the house, your landlord’s policies, and the size of your business:


Exclusive building signage

Your landlord may only show your business name prominently on the facade if you are the sole or primary tenant renting multiple building floors.


Building signage

When two tenants share the majority of the building equally, the owners can consent to put both names in the building. In these cases, both words can be added at the top of the building or two different places, such as the top of the building and the parking lot.

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Monuments have their exclusive signage.

You may be able to get your company’s name on a different sign or be the only one mentioned on the memorial sign for the building itself. To get this discount, you’ll almost certainly need to be a key tenant.

We manufacture illuminated signs and non-illuminated signs to measure. We use LEDs for our channel letters. If you are looking for non-illuminated alternatives, you can get custom routed signs that can be made from acrylic, aluminum, or painted PVC. We also offer fabricated solid metal letters.


Contact us to know more about construction site signs Melbourne, digital banner and construction sign options and how proper commercial signage is a highly effective business promotion tool. Our knowledge of signage and technical expertise will ensure that you have the type of signage that you and your business need to maintain and expand your market presence.

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