9 Signage Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Rookie

November 15, 2018
November 15, 2018 admin

9 Signage Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Rookie

No one wants to look like an amateur when they advertise their company or brand. And the first hint regarding the quality of your products and services is the quality of your signage! Here are the most common signage mistakes you can make when creating a new advertising sign!



  1. You choose the wrong location

The location of your sign is essential because first of all, your sign needs to be visible. It also needs to reach a large number of people in order to be efficient. Try to find a location that is highly circulated by people that might be interested in your company!


  1. Too much information on your sign

You need to put vital information on your sign but too much information can work against you. Stick to the basics such as your contact information, your top products and slogan.


  1. You don’t add your contact information clearly

And speaking of information added on your website, keep in mind that your contact information needs to be clear so everyone can reach you. Add your website, email address and phone number so you provide your clients with a variety of options if they want to get in touch!


  1. You don’t have an attractive design

The design of your sign is very important. As a matter of fact, this is the first thing your clients will see before they even start reading its content. So, make sure you get their attention by having an interesting design that also sparks their curiosity!


  1. You are improvising

A sign is part of a promotion campaign and it should follow its rules and message. Don’t improvise if you are not sure how to send the right message through your sign because you might create a chaotic advertisement that will give you the opposite effect of what you are going for.


  1. The sign is too small or too big

The size of your sign is just as important as the location you put it at. It has to be easy to read from a decent distance that is why you should consider its ray of visibility before setting it up.


  1. You use a complicated writing style

We are all attracted by an interesting writing found but that doesn’t mean we should use it everywhere. When it comes to signs, your writing style should be simple and easy to read by everyone if you want to be popular.


  1. You are missing the slogan or logo

Never forget to add your slogan and your logo on your sign. These two details set you apart from any other brand that might offer the same products and services. It helps your potential clients remember you easier and come back to you when they need.


  1. The wrong type of contrast

To make your sign easy to read and increase its visibility, pay attention to contrast. Too much contrast can make it bothering to the eye while to little contrast can make it hard to read and even hard to observe. The contrast is something a signage company will always pay attention to since it is such an important detail!


By avoiding these 9 mistakes, you can be sure that your sign has a fair chance of advertising your brand and company properly. It is best to use the services of a professional signage company like Vinage Customs, if you want to obtain the results you are going for. Plus, a signage campaign usually involves much more than just one sign, and a company that does just that will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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