7 Ways to Triple Up your Construction Building Site Signs

November 8, 2021 admin

To convey a message, signwriters Melbourne suggest that building site construction signs must be of a specific shape and color. You must understand the meaning if you work on a construction site to keep yourself and others safe.

What exactly are safety signs?

Every employee must be aware of the potential hazards that may arise in their line of work. Therefore, they require commercial building signs Melbourne to know how to react in an emergency and what to do to avoid them in the future. In this post, we have mentioned 7 Ways to Triple Up your building site construction signs and make them more useful for employees and works favor your business.


  1. Be familiar with the various types of safety signs.


Understanding the various types of safety signs enables you to use them correctly to identify potential safety hazards. In turn, your employees can take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

There are three types of safety signs in general: danger signs, warning signs, and caution signs. Knowing when and where to use each of these signals promotes effective communication while minimizing injury.

For example, posting the danger sign at a renovation-in-progress site communicates those employees should avoid the area entirely. On the other hand, Caution signs indicate that the hazards described may result in minor or moderate injury, so employees should wear protective clothing or walk carefully.


Other common types of safety signage include:

  • Notices:Instructions and rules that must be followed to help minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Admission:alerts that explain the hazards associated with entering the restricted area.
  • No Hazard Signs:These signs convey general safety messages, such as the nearest fire exit and assembly points.


  1. Post safety signs appropriately

Posting safety signs may sound pretty straightforward, but it’s a big task that requires strict adherence to rules for signposting.

The rules state that signs must be posted as close and as safely as possible to nearby danger and must be visible from a distance, at least 5 feet away. This ensures that workers can respond appropriately before being exposed to risk.

Furthermore, the sign should not endanger workers by obstructing their view or the escape route. Posters should also have dull corners that are free of chips and burrs.

  1. Not all signs are appropriate for every situation.

Even though all safety signs serve the same purpose, they are not all the same for everyone. As a result, you should consider investing in safety signs that complement your workplace environment.

For example, in underground minefields, it is recommended to use reflective safety signs, as they facilitate visibility in low light conditions. Also, characters should not be placed in places where they are easily damaged.



  1. Personalize your safety signs

Depending on your workplace, you may require more than the standard types of safety signs. Fortunately, the rules allow for the customization of safety signs to meet your specific industrial requirements.

However, when designing the signs, ensure that they follow the pre-established guidelines for sign design.


Generally, the sign should begin with a heading indicating the alerts’ level, such as Danger, Warning, Caution, or Advisory. It should be followed by a graphical security symbol, and then the message board should appear below.

To avoid confusion, signs must be consistent in their design throughout their facilities.


  1. Maintenance of labels and tags

It is easy to reduce the visibility of safety signs and labels as a result of fading. This requires that symptoms be adequately maintained by cleaning them regularly to maintain legibility. If some of the letter’s fade, you should replace the safety sign.

Most importantly, you should schedule an inspection to evaluate your facility’s signs. This allows you to inspect the items for damage or missing parts.


  1. Supplement your safety signs with additional safety measures.

In addition to using safety signs, you should be aware of your insurer’s assistance in updating the safety measures at your facility. This ensures the safety of your employees and saves you money on insurance premiums that would otherwise be paid if proper preventive measures were not taken.

Your employees must also be trained in first aid, as well as other emergency responses. This minimizes the risk of death and makes employees more cautious. Likewise, first aid supplies should be accessible to all employees.

Also, after an incident occurs, be sure to review it with your employees. By doing so, you can identify any mishaps and make the necessary changes to your security policy for better emergency response.


  1. Keep Melbourne construction site signs well-lit.

One of the most important (and most straightforward) actions is having a well-lit construction site. Well-lit signage will not only help to ensure the safety of your employees, but it will also help you to avoid potential theft. In addition, employees will feel more at ease and understand the signs of safety if your workplace is well-lit.

Hope this guide helps you to make optimum utilisation of construction building site signs. A difference you are looking for professional sign manufacturers near me than contact us right now for better service.



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