7 must questions to ask any signage company in 2018

July 25, 2018
July 25, 2018 admin

7 must questions to ask any signage company in 2018

One of the most important steps when it comes to business marketing is ordering a sign for the company. This means that the sign should be handled with a skilled and professional sign maker who is able to come up with quality signage. So even before placing the order, here are some of the top questions to need to ask the signage company professionals:

  1. Can I see your portfolio?

Most sign makes normally specialize in a specific type of sign. As much as the sign maker you hire can come up with the exact sign you need for the business, you stand a better chance if the professional has worked on a similar sign in the past. You can ask them about projects they have done before that are similar to yours to confirm if they are the best people to bring your idea into life. Who knows, you might as well come up with a better alternative that will be able to meet your needs and save on expenses too.


  1. Who handles the design work?

If you can’t come up with graphics for you sign, there is no need to panic. For a sign to be developed from scratch, skills, equipment and high level of talent is required, not forgetting the technical knowhow. This is the reason why professional sign makes have their own team of graphic designers to help clients convert their vision into a great signage design. You therefore need to ask the professionals if they offer graphic design services, and if the costs will be included in your fee.

  1. What programs can you work with?

Custom sign makers and graphic designers have several file formats that they use. Most of these formats are specific to particular graphic design programs. If you plan to have your own design, ensure that you are able to receive and provide information in a more compatible format.

  1. Do you provide proofs?

These are the final designs that should be approved before producing the sign. Most companies offer digital proofs free of charge but if you need it in hard cop form, you may incur a little extra cost.

  1. What is their final cost?

Just like any other services, there are also hidden charges in the labor, designs, or proofing fee and this can increase the amount you have to pay for the design. You therefore need to directly ask the professionals and ensure that their quote is inclusive of all the expenses for you to know the exact amount you have to pay for the services.


  1. When will the sign be complete?

Among the dangers you may encounter when coming up with the sign is cost overruns. But this is not the only challenge. Missed deadlines and delays can also make the whole process not only frustrating, but annoying too. It is important to ask in advance how long the project should take for the sign to be delivered and installed. This date should be in writing in case the professionals fail to keep their promise.

  1. What maintenance will the sign require?

We all have seen, not once, but several times, signs that have been affected by neglect, weathering and even rodents. This means that you need to understand how the sign should be taken care of to avoid such situations. It will also maintain the sign in a proper condition, no matter the weather condition and ensure that your investment is safe. Whether it is seasonal cleaning or replacing some parts of the sign, the professionals should communicate to you the most effective ways to maintain your sign.


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