6 Tips to Double or Nothing to win with Corporate Vehicle Signage

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A small business’s growth is a delicate balancing act. To get the correct custom made signs for business between profitability and growth, business owners must understand the best ways to market their company. With so many channels accessible to small businesses today, knowing how to get the most out of your advertising budget is crucial.

Vehicle signage Melbourne are one of the most effective forms of advertising available to small businesses today. Unlike other types of print media such as billboards, vehicle branding is a relatively inexpensive advertising medium. What’s more, it doesn’t have any of the recurring fees found on advertising platforms like TV or radio commercials.

By putting some vinyl car signage Melbourne graphics on your work truck, not only can you get some clues here and there, but you also help build authority and trust with your clients – two things that should be at the Centre of your marketing strategy. But just like anything else, it will only be effective if it is executed correctly.

In this blog, we’ll go through the many advantages of car branding via vehicle signwriting Melbourne, as well as crucial essential factors to think about before doing so.

Car custom signs Australia in branding messages provides several advantages.

Companies can exploit their existing assets for marketing reasons by using automobiles as an advertising medium. This is perfect for targeting local demographics, which is especially beneficial for firms that provide local services.

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Corporate signage Australia on the vehicle is a particular type of advertising from a behavioural standpoint, as they do not rely on consumers to obtain awareness. Instead, it’s a versatile and mobile way to reach out to customers wherever they are, potentially resulting in thousands of impressions.

The basics of rotating vehicle advertising. Vehicle coating in vivid blue, red and black colours

Vehicle wrap by professional signwriters Melbourne involves a printed vinyl decal affixed to the exterior of the vehicle. A partial wrap (also known as vehicle marking) covers specific car body areas, such as windows. In contrast, a full wrap covers the entire vehicle, such as windows or a whole wrap covering the whole vehicle.

Auto marking services, such as vehicle wrapping corporate signage Melbourne, can be performed on cars, vans, utility vehicles, and even truck fleets.

Wrapping a car costs vary depending on the design needs, the vehicle’s size, the type of film used, the intricacy of the procedure, and the amount of coverage. We work with our clients at Vinage Customs to ensure that their signage experience is centered on keeping the result within budget while maintaining service and quality.

Businesses who choose custom signs and designs will see a considerable return on their investment, lasting around five to seven years (although that number is subject to how the vehicle is maintained and the type of items it is exposed to)

Ready to design visually appealing signage that captures viewers’ attention and leaves a lasting impression? Here are six principles to consider to ensure successful vehicle advertising created by sign manufacturers Melbourne.


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1. Measure twice, wrap once

Before applying a vinyl wrap on a car, it must be adequately measured. The signage firm will provide an appropriate budget for your advertising demands if you give the correct proportions. Incorrect measurements might skew the design and detract from its overall appeal.

Vehicle owners must give the correct dimensions to generate a personalized vehicle graphic. This includes determining the length, height, and breadth of the vehicle.


2. Keep things straightforward.

A well-designed vehicle wrap is legible, unobtrusive, and, most importantly, straightforward. In addition, most mobile ads have to deliver the correct information in a limited window, so message clarity is key.

Your vehicle’s design graphic must be readable from a distance, and viewers must be able to understand the design message quickly and easily fully. Keeping your layout and graphics simple will optimize your visibility to passersby and potential customers.

3. Consider colors carefully

 Specific colour combinations contrast beautifully with one another, increasing visibility and readability, particularly from afar. And, like with the design guideline above, less is more, so don’t go overboard. To make your design more successful, limit yourself to two or three colour combinations.

4. Be brief

 Business building signs Melbourne recommends using as few words as possible to get the most out of your mobile advertising platform. Don’t try to sell through the design of your vehicle’s signage. Instead, keep your design simple to guarantee that your message reaches all demographics and customer types.

5. Know the “problem areas.”

 They’re in every vehicle, and they’re all different. From start to finish, a skilled printer will assist you. They will identify any potential “problem areas” and suggest design/installation changes beforehand to ensure your project goes as it should.



Make appropriate use of layers in Illustrator and any Photoshop image you place. Layers will allow you to isolate elements that may need to occur as an overlay or modify backgrounds. Sometimes a small change will make the wrap much smoother.

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