6 Best Secrets for Safety Signage Melbourne

August 14, 2020 admin

6 Best Secrets for Safety Signage Melbourne

To ensure that your safety signage serves the purpose it is intended for. There are important things that you have to consider when designing the signage. In this article, we are going to explain the top 6 secrets to help create signage that not only complies with the regulations but also ensures that the warning message reaches the right audience.

Select the most appropriate tags and signs

Before designing a safety signage Melbourne, you first need to know what the hazards are. After knowing the hazards, you can then come up with the most appropriate signs or tags. Regardless of the option you go for, always ensure that it is in line with the region’s regulations concerning safety signage. Do not forget to maintain consistency in the format of your signs and tags.


Pay attention to the graphics, working and colour

Whether it is safety signage or shop signage, the wordings have to be easy to read. The words should be simple, but informative enough for anyone to understand.  As much as it is a warning sign, the words should be positive rather than negative.

When creating the warning signs, pictures that warn of danger and colour combination which warn the degree of danger should be incorporated. This will ensure that employees or anyone else who the message is intended for can understand the sign at first glance.

Use the tags effectively and properly

According to safety regulations, tags should be used to prevent illness or accidental injuries to employees that work in hazardous conditions. These tags have to be used up to the time when the hazard is gotten rid of or the operation is complete.  Tags should have warning words such as ‘caution’ or ‘danger’. The words should be large enough for someone who is 5 feet away to read and understand.

Carefully position the sign

The best positioning of a safety signage Melbourne should be a place where someone can see it from a distance. Always ensure that the sign is placed in a location where it can draw maximum attention. This means that the location where you want to place the signage is important. If need be, you should also relocate the safety signage from one position to another. Or make alterations to make the sign more visible or useful. You can relocate the safety signage when there are other signs around that affect its visibility or when the materials or equipment that are dangerous in the area are moved.


Review the signage plan

Another secret that you need to know about safety signage Melbourne is that you will be against the regulations if you place the signage in one location and forget about it altogether. The signage has to be reviewed frequently to ensure that it is still capable of performing the intended task. For instance, you have to introduce new signs as soon as new hazards are around the work environment. Even when there are temporary hazards, tags have to be used until these hazards are eliminated.

Signage colour basics

We have already talked of the signage colour above so let’s not get into details. Employees have to be familiar with the colours used in safety signage. This way, it will be easier to understand what the sign relates to even when you don’t have the time to read in details.

For instance, when the red colour is used in a safety sign, it means danger or serious hazards that can even lead to death. This can be flammable liquids or large construction materials falling among others. The yellow colour is used for caution. An example is the do not enter sign. And lastly, a green colour is used for safety. They provide general safety information like safety equipment, emergency kit, etc.


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