5 Unbelievable Secrets of OHS Safety Signs

May 23, 2020 admin

5 Unbelievable Secrets of OHS Safety Signs

Over a long period, safety in the workplace has gradually been improving every year that passes; either through new laws being implemented or from awareness. This means that workplace injuries and illnesses that are as a result of working in particular industries have reduced significantly as compared to previous decades. The introduction of OHS safety signs has also contributed to reducing the number of workplace injuries and illnesses. However, what many people do not know is that some of the OHS signs can also carry other meanings or messages apart from the ones shown on the signs. Keep reading to find out some of the unbelievable secrets of the OHS signs.

1. They reduce workplace pay-outs

As we all know, OHS safety signs are mainly used to ensure that employees in the workplace are always aware of the dangers surrounding them hence they help by reminding them to always stay safe. If you have a company that does not have these signs and one of your employees happens to injure themselves in the line of duty, then your company will be responsible for the injuries sustained. In this case, the employee could end up suing your company and in the end costing the company a lot of money. Therefore, you should never ignore using OHS safety signs in your business as it can save you a lot of money that would be paid as a result of injuries sustained by your employees.


2. Way-finding signage

Some signages are specifically designed for way-finding but unfortunately, we cannot find them everywhere, especially in business premises or workplaces. This means that businesses have also to be creative in ensuring that people always stay on the right path to avoid any impending danger. Therefore, you can use OHS safety signs to warn people of any danger that might lie ahead. You may use a safety sign to warn people of a slippery surface; hence making them opt for the alternative route to avoid walking on the slippery surface.

3. Arc flash electrical signage

OHS safety signs with bio-hazard labels will provide directions to people on how to avoid any potential dangers that arise if certain things are not done. This promotes safety in the workplace. These signs make it easier for users to identify the exact type of personal protective equipment they are supposed to wear. Nominal system voltages can also make it easy for one to identify a circuit’s voltage class and also indicate the kind of danger it might pose.


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4. They boost safety consciousness among workers

A workplace that has safety signs at the right places means that its employees are always assured of their safety and that they can dedicate their minds fully to the tasks ahead. Not having to worry about any danger they might find themselves in while carrying on their work. This ensures that employees concentrate 100% fully on their work which, in turn, increases production at the workplace.

5. Equipment maintenance signs

Most industrial machines require regular routine inspections, repair, and even maintenance on a regular basis. On top of letting your workers know of ongoing Lock-Out or Tag-Out, LO/TO signs can also let your employees know the right time when a particular machine needs to Lock-Out or Tag-Out before being serviced.


Safety signs can go a long way in ensuring that employees always stay safe. Also, avoid any injuries that might arise from a lack of awareness. They can also be used to pass across other messages to ensure that operations are always smooth and uninterrupted. Therefore, as a company, you should never ignore the importance of OHS safety signs.

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