5 Proven Secrets To Making Construction Signage That Is Right For You

July 28, 2019 admin

5 Proven Secrets To Making Construction Signage That Is Right For You

Construction signage is very important to the whole construction process. Signage is used in construction for a variety of purposes. It is often used to create sections or most importantly to provide safety precautions for workers or anybody on the construction site. To put it quite simply, construction signage helps to direct the flow of activities on the construction site. With the right ones in place, work processes will flow freely and projects will be achieved on time.

As important as signage is, it is important to also create construction signage which perfectly fits the project at hand. This way, work can proceed with little or no difficulties.

But how do you create construction signage that’s right for you?

Create a feasible budget.

How much exactly are you willing to spend on your construction signage. Take a look at all the funds available at your disposal. How much can you spare to put some signs on your site? The amount you’re able to spend will be very good in determining the type and quality of signs that you will get. It determines the number of resources which can be committed to the creation of the amount of signage which you need. Yes, signage is important but is also important that you keep your budget within your means or else you risk jeopardising the whole project.

Decide on the type of signage to be used.

What type of signage will you be using for your construction site? There are different signage used on construction sites. What you really need to ask yourself is will you keep the signs on poles or on walls? This is the best way for you to make a decision on the type of sign that would be appropriate for you. Also, either you’ll be attaching your signs to a pole, stake or wall, you’ll be using different types of fixings to fasten them.

Make use of bold lettering and graphics.

The best types of signage have clear letters and graphics crafted to them. It is important that you also adopt the use of bold lettering to keep the information on the sign as clear as possible. Also, ensure that the lettering is not overly artistic and can be read from different angles. By doing this, you have improved its visibility and you can be sure that almost anyone can read what’s written on it regardless of where they are standing.

Ensure brevity and clarity.

Don’t just go on including too much information on your signage. The sign should be such that it shows the most information using the least details possible. Stick to the use of keywords when working on the signage. One quick look at the sign should tell whoever is looking what it’s the closest meaning could be. Clearly state, harmful equipment or materials present in the vicinity. That way, you avoid overemphasising and understating the level of danger.

Ask for help if necessary.

It is very much possible that some things about making signs are unclear to you. During times like this, do you best to reach out to professionals or experts for help. Vinage Customs has the resources to guide you and help deal with different types of enquiries about signage.

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