5 Creative Ways to Promote Interior and Exterior Signage

June 14, 2018
June 14, 2018 admin

5 Creative Ways to Promote Interior and Exterior Signage

Whether you want to establish a new business or increase the sales of an already existing one, designing an outstanding, professional interior and exterior signage will help achieve the best results as far as business marketing is concerned. The best signs are in a position to communicate who you are, identify the business and to help potential customers understand your business better. However, a lot of companies focus more on exterior signage and end up forgetting about reception and wayfinding signs. Here are some of the top interior and exterior signage ideas to help attract more customers to the business.

Outdoor signs

The main reason for having outdoor signage is for people to know who you are, your location and the type of products you are dealing with. For you to achieve the best out of outdoor signage, you need to take note of the viewing distance, sightlines, and the surrounding visual noise. If your office has very little front face facing a busy street, you can decide to use a projecting blade sign. When you place the blade signs at corners of the most active buildings, you will successfully attract the attention of busy passersby.


Reception signs

In any marketing strategy, the first impression talks a lot about the company. A reception sign can build a company’s reputation, especially when clients and potential customers visit the premises. Custom signage can especially be important in promoting your business brand. You can seek the services of a branding agency to incorporate your company logo on the reception sign and complement it with metal finishes. This is one of the ways you can achieve a striking first impression.

Wayfinding signs

The signs work better in large public buildings. This includes apartment buildings, hospitals, and restaurants. Wayfinding signs are used to direct people to destinations. If your company is located in a busy building inclusive of several offices, using wayfinding signs can come in handy. However, there are requirements that need to be met when using these signs. To achieve the best out of the wayfinding signs, you need to come up with signage that will not only meet the functional requirements but should also have a unique design.

Digital displays

At times, the business can find itself in a unique situation that will require them to come up with business signs. For instance, privacy is very important in an office. But if you happen to have interior walls made of large amounts of glass, then your business will not be visible to customers. Coming up with unique graphics for you walls will help market the business, without blocking the light. Additionally, you also need to create signage that tells your business story. This can be achieved by using engaging digital displays. You can have a combination of dynamic and static digital content for the story.


Dimensional signs

Dimension signs are rewarding when it comes to attracting customer’s attention. The signs are commonly used in displaying your company sign and logo on the office front. Other displays, including dimensional letters, can be backlit to give the sign a professional finishing. Some of the most known brands worldwide including Google and Apple incorporate the use of dimensional letters.

Floor graphics

When people are walking, and especially when visiting new places, they tend to watch where they are going, including the floor. This is the reason why floors offer a convenient platform to attract people to your business. Many companies make use of floors for directional signage. In this case, you need to incorporate arrows and use the business title.

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