5 Closely Guarded Secrets That Sign Experts Don’t Tell You

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Signage has become one of the best ways to provide effective and efficient communications with everyone in a company. The braille signs Melbourne are equivalent to the corkboard in the break room or main bedroom area. But it is much better. So, let’s explore some tips on how to master signage that the experts will never tell you, in addition to how to make the most of the content on your screens.

Effective digital signage Melbourne must take many more factors into account. There is a type of art in communications if you want your posts to be compelling.

This article will give you a lot to think about. If you already have or are considering purchasing your digital signage.



  1. Determine content distribution before publishing

One of the biggest mistakes most people make at first is how they present content. You probably know that the most essential information should be easy to find, but you may not know how best to present it.

People tend to see what’s shown in the middle first, but the content in the top left tends to be the first thing they read (unless you’re using larger fonts elsewhere, but we’ll get to that in a moment).

Consider the following to master your digital signage displays.

  • Always leave blank space around the edges. This means that no information is hidden if displayed on a screen that does not display content correctly.
  • Put the most essential things in the upper left, then move left to right and top to bottom.
  • Apply the 3 × 5 rule for text. This means keeping content on three lines with no more than five words on each line. This makes the message easier to read and ensures that it is very concise in what it says.


  1. Pay attention to the file size


Always pay attention to file size when preparing to post something about digital signage. The larger a file, the more likely it appears slower due to the time it takes for large files to load over the Internet connection.

If someone has a slower WiFi connection, they may not see much of the communication you are sharing.

As a general rule of thumb, keep file sizes at 3MB or less. Even the slowest connections should be able to display your message without too much trouble. Of course, if you post a video, there could be some buffering issues, but your audience should still see what you need with minimal distraction due to the connection.


  1. Know your proportions and plan resolutions


One of the things that makes digital signage different from online content is that you can have almost complete control over the aspect ratio (the size of the screens that people will use to view communications).

Digital signage ratio

Horizontal displays have a ratio of 16 to 9.

Portrait displays have a 9 by 16 aspect ratio.

This makes it easier to know how to set up your signage. If you also push communication to mobile devices, you will need to consider dimensions. This is another aspect that you can control if you give your mobile devices.



  1. Find a suitable, easy-to-read font

People always want their fonts to be attractive, but you should never sacrifice readability. For example, writing in cursive or highly decorative type makes it difficult to read a sign. Therefore, people may not even try to read it. Signwriters Melbourne ensure that the font they use is clean, easy-to-read font without making it too childish or simplistic.

Mastering the source

Font size is just as important as readability. The font should be at least 10 times larger than you think it should be most of the time. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you choose your font.

  • The sans-serif font family (including Helvetica, Arial and Verdana fonts) is recommended as it is easy to read and professional.
  • People may be reading the signage from 7 to 10 feet away. With this in mind, a 20–30-point font is easy to read from about 7 feet away.


  1. Choose colors carefully


All the colors you use should be considered and checked before the signage is activated. Colors should be contrasting enough that the text is easy to read but not so contrasting that it hurts the audience’s eyes. To master digital signage, you must master color and contrast.

It is generally recommended to have light colors in the background and darker text, drawing attention to the text. Just make sure the text is easy to read up close and a little further behind.

So, whether you are looking for Melbourne exhibition signage design and installation or custom wall signs for business, reach out to the best signage companies Melbourne now!

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