5 Best Secrets To Make Sure Your Work Safety Signs Are Effective

July 16, 2019 admin

5 Best Secrets To Make Sure Your Work Safety Signs Are Effective

It’s one thing to have safety signs at your workplace. These safety signs are meant to keep your employees safe and free from any occupational hazards that may be existent at the workplace. This means that every employee is made to be fully aware of the steps to take to keep them from suffering from any physical damage or getting hurt. It is very important as it means that all the employees would always be able to work at their maximum due to the absence of costly injuries.

Safety signs are the guide and each of them is known to contain a specific message. From signs about heavy equipment to those about radioactive substances, safety signs do one thing; keep you safe. But how exactly do you improve the effectiveness of these safety signs?

Have them properly placed.

The safety sign is designed to inform staff and employee of impending danger. This means that it has to be placed such that it warns anyone in time. Keep such signs in locations such that employees are able to sight them from a distance. Take note of height when placing the signs. To see any sign, employee or staff do not need to twist it turn their neck. It should be pretty straightforward.

Make use of bold characters.

Never contemplate on the size of characters to be used on the sign. They should all be bold and clear enough to be seen from a distance. When designing safety signs, it is advisable that you avoid any characters and fonts that are too artistic. Focus more on clarity and stick to the simple stuff. It is sure to keep you at the top of things. There is a need to understand that all characters used on the sign should be capable of easily being read from quite a distance away.

Pay attention to the right type of colours for each sign.

As much as you would like to be creative. It’s safe to note that safety signs are not just designed but they are done with a specific colour code. For instance, safety sights serving as warnings often have red in them. It is important to use appropriate colours to depict certain signs. This will reduce confusion and even help the understanding of the employee. Basically, you’re keeping them safe by strictly abiding by colour coding for your safety signs.

Decide on the size of the signs.

Different sizes or signs are often used for different sections. Failure to identify which size is right for each section of the workshop can be quite disastrous. Keep the bigger sizes to the sections with the presence of more dangerous activities around. This way, people are easily able to see and process the information in time. Safety signs that indicate electrocution are designed bold and are different from other types of signs. It is important for the sign to be large enough to stand out.

Create a catalogue indicating the meaning of each sign.

Safety signs are a technical language and not everyone may fully understand what some of these signs mean. This makes it important for you to create a catalogue which clearly states the meaning of each sign. This would influence the understanding of the staff and keep them constantly aware of their environment.

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