4 Successful Signage Ideas that Work for Small Businesses

June 27, 2018
June 27, 2018 admin

4 successful signage ideas that work for small businesses

Starting up and establishing a business is tough. The initial capital required, rental expenses and payment of employees can give you sleepless nights. Attracting customers to the business can be even more challenging. But with the right marketing and branding strategies, you will experience a return on investment in no time. One way to achieve this is by use of signage. Creative signage ideas help to market a business by grabbing the attention of more customers.

What is signage?

Have you ever felt like a sign is specifically speaking to you, or have you ever registered for product updates after a mere glance at a sign, and isn’t that amazing? Signage is among the most useful tools for visual representations. By implementing the signage principles and ideas, you will end up attracting more attention, and this will ultimately increase your customer base. But for you to achieve effective signage;

  • The sign should be readable for a distance
  • It should be visible
  • Must be well lit at night

Here are some of the most creative signage ideas to guarantee your small business success.


One of the top reasons why businesses use signs is for customers to understand the type of products they are dealing with. Actually, a good signage should only take customers less than 10 seconds to read and understand your message. To achieve this, you need to come up with an eye-catching strategy to help the sign attract more attention. For a 10 feet distance, the lettering height of your signage should be at least one foot. Having a clear description of your business will further assist in enhancing the signage visibility.

Signage readability

The font used for the signage content should be big enough for a person to read from a distance. Try as much as possible to manage the white space efficiently. The signage should be inclusive of more graphics and limited content. Signage graphics with bold contrasts will achieve more desirable results. You also need to decide the height to place your content. This will be convenient for people in high moving traffic to also read and have a clue of what the signage is all about. One important thing to note when coming up with a signage design is avoiding ‘Clutter since it can deliberately have a major impact on your signage.

What hides out the signage?

There is no point of spending huge amounts of money on a banner that is going to be hidden in bright lights or electrical wiring. The main reason for designing a banner is to grab the attention of passersby. This means that the banner should be both clear, and at a considerable height. It should also be placed in a visible place and must have all the components of a banner to be clearly visible.

Signage design

One of the major challenges that people face in signage design is coming up with the most appropriate size, and how to scale it. Considering the location where the signage will be placed, whether at an entrance, in the parking lot or rental boards, you can come up with the most appropriate size. But it is also important to note that the bigger the signage size the better the results. Larger signage is less complicated when it comes to reading, and you can be guaranteed of a wide range of customers.


Every small business owner would definitely want to come up with something that can achieve positive results for the business. This includes promoting their brand by achieving more visibility. When you are out of tips on how to market the business using signage, these ideas can come in handy. If you are planning to start your own business soon, the above signage ideologies can also help place your business at the top level.

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