4 Most Powerful Ways to Step Up your Site Safety Signs

October 10, 2021 admin

Are you at work right now? Look around. Can you spot any health and safety signs? You can’t see one; think of a no-entry sign or a warning sign. Can you remember the shape and colour?

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure what each type of health and site safety signs looks like or what it implies. You will be able to recognize each sort of health and safety sign at the end of this article.

Here is a detailed article on the 4 Most Powerful Ways to step up your site safety signs.

The following are the four categories of health and safety signs:

Signs of Prohibition

Signs that must be displayed

Signs to be aware of

Signs indicating that the environment is safe

Each type of health and safety appears differently. They can send their message through an image or an icon by combining shapes and colours. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can quickly decipher the sign’s exact meaning (even without reading the words).



1) Signs of Prohibition

The prohibition signs are in place to warn you not to do something. They serve as a warning sign that it is not safe to proceed. And what colour conjures up images of danger in your mind? Of course, red! A red circle with a red diagonal line appears on these signs. On a white background, the pictogram is black.

An easy way to remember the shape of the prohibition signs is that it is a circle, like a point. And the sign means stop.

Safety prohibition sign

Red colour

Shape: circle

Meaning: No, Never, Stop, No

2) Mandatory signs

The mandatory signs are there to remind you to take action. Consider them the inverse of a prohibition sign. These signs have a round shape to them. On a blue background, the pictogram is white. The circle is usually surrounded by a white border.

Instead of being round for an endpoint (as are prohibition signs), mandatory signs are round to “Obey.” Because that’s what you’re supposed to do: obey them.

Mandatory safety sign

Color blue

Shape: circle

Meaning: do this, you must, obey

3) Signs to be aware of

The purpose of warning signs is to make you aware of potential hazards. Unlike the previous two indicators, they do not advise you to do or not do something. Instead, they are intended to warn you of the presence of danger so that you can defend yourself.

These signs are triangular. The triangle is black on a yellow background, with a black border around it.

Yellow colour

Shape: triangle

Meaning: warning, be careful, note


4) Safe condition signs

Generally, safe condition signals can be followed to safety. And what colour represents safety better than green? That’s right; they are green!

These signs have a rectangular or square action. In addition, the symbol, which is white on a green background, is surrounded by a white border.

Safe condition safety sign

Green colour

Shape: Rectangle

Meaning: Follow, In this way, Escape route, First aid

BONUS TIP: 5) Fire Equipment Signs 

Fire/fighting equipment signs show you where the fire equipment is. What colour do we think for fire? Red. But we already use red, with the prohibition sign. Well, fire equipment signs are red too, but differently.

These signs are rectangular or square. The pictogram is usually white on a red background with a white border.


Fire equipment safety sign

Red colour

Shape: Square

Meaning: Here is the fire equipment, Extinguishers, Fire alarm


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