4 Irresistible Ways To Get More From Signage Contractors in Melbourne

September 8, 2022 admin

On a job site, Signage contractors in Melbourne have an excellent opportunity to advertise with lawn signs. A well-placed sign tells neighbours and passers-by who is working on the property, what they are doing, and how to contact them.

Whether he’s a roofer, painter, or any other type of contractor, here are 4 essential tips you need to know about signage.


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  1. Keep it simple

Simple signs are the most effective. Many words are difficult to read when driving. Also, the more words you add, the smaller they will be on the sign. If they’re too small to read easily in a few seconds, you’ve lost a potential customer!

  1. Choose the right material

The correct sign material depends on its use.

Poly-coated signs are perfect if you are leaving the sign at a job site. They typically last 3-6 months if your customers don’t throw them away first.

Corrugated signs are lightweight and durable, convenient to use repeatedly. Since they are a bit translucent, it is possible for them to “beam”. In constantly lit areas, consider requesting reverse printing or folding banners. Corrugated signs typically last 2 years.

Aluminum and Alumalite signs are the strongest and easily last 5 years or more. Since they are of such high quality, they are often used as permanent signage.

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  1. Where to display your signs for maximum exposure

For maximum exposure in your city, visit your local Signage contractors in Melbourne. It should list the most famous roads in your city and their daily traffic. Then, find the top 10 highways and post to homes and businesses on those highways.

When you receive a customer on those streets, post your sign outside your home or business.

If you are working on a home, place the sign facing oncoming drivers, not the street. If you have a one-sided sign, ensure your message faces the direction with the most oncoming traffic.

If you’re working at a company, ask the manager if he can put up a small sign in your window while you work.

  1. How to convince people to display your signs

Many contractors tell us that they offer incentives to home and business owners to put their sign in their front lawn or store window.

It could be a discount on the current project or a discount on future work. Of course, future discounts only make sense if your industry leads to repeat business, like landscaping or plumbing.

Another idea is to add a section to your contract that says you can exercise the right to register while on the job. Then, if the customer doesn’t like that part, you can offer them an incentive.

By keeping your sign simple, using the suitable material, and displaying your sign as you work, Signage contractors in Melbourne can turn every job into an advertising opportunity.

For practical sign ideas, check out our design ideas portal.


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