4 Epic Ways to Enhance your Vehicle Signage in Melbourne

August 1, 2018
August 1, 2018 admin

4 Epic Ways to Enhance your Vehicle Signage in Melbourne

Maybe your craftsmanship skills are excellent and you know you are an expert when it comes to signage designs. Clients may be happy with what you have to offer. However, you may not be attracting better type of clients that your business really needs. One of the biggest challenges that businesses make is focusing too much on the price, rather than quality. The main reason why businesses use signage is to achieve recognition and increase sales. But for you to achieve this, it is important that you invest in a perfect signage to help attract the right clients for the business. One of the best strategies you can use to attract more clients is coming up with a powerful, attractive signage design for your vehicle.

The best vehicle signage design should be able to turn heads every time the vehicle is spotted along the streets. It should be able to portray how valuable excellent signage is. What you need to know as a business owner is that vehicle advertising is more rewarding compared to other advertisement methods. In fact, research indicates that advertising your business using a vehicle can be compared to television advertising as far as results are concerned. This is because more than 90% of people you met along the streets will notice the signage and if the signage is quality, there is no doubt that a high percentage of them will be impressed. This will ultimately help you win more clients, increase sales leads and ensure that your business goals are met.

The good thing is that vehicle signage are very affordable and come in handy especially when you want to win more customers to the business. So how can you ensure that your vehicle signage is a customer magnet?


Limit your content

Texts play an important role when it comes to signage advertisements. But this does not mean that you have to include a lot of text information on your vehicle signage. Effective signage should be more of graphics compared to texts. In fact, the only texts that should appear on your signage should be the company name, the products/services you offer, tag line and contact information. This is because it only takes a few seconds for a customer to be attracted to your signage and when you use too much text information, your signage will turn out to be boring.

Place texts at the back

If you need to educate customers about the types of products or services you deal with, the best part to use should be at the back of the car. In this case, people are likely to read the information when they follow your vehicle from behind. The sides should only be left for the company contacts and logo.


Think color

If you are using more than one vehicle to market your business, it is important to maintain the same color on your fleet. This will make customers remember the company according to the color you use and it is also a cost-effective way when advertising the business.

Don’t skimp

When it comes to vehicle advertising, the car itself acts as your moving billboard. Considering that it is also an effective method to create business awareness, it is important that you highly invest in the signage. Make use of photographic images, and especially for your products. Also ensure that you maintain quality and durable signage. Remember that graphic expenses will only be incurred once, which means that you have to come up with a cost that equates to the number of years the vehicle will be in use.

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