3D Letters and Illuminated Signage for Your Brand

November 24, 2017
November 24, 2017 admin

3D Letters is an excellent way to promote your business

3D letters give a very corporate and professional look towards your business brand. They are used in office’s, reception’s and building fronts. 3D letters can be made out of a acrylic substrate that can be either left raw with many colours to choose from. Or they can be 2pac painted to your corporate style guide PMS brand colours. These can be made to any kind of depth but anything over 30mm will go down to a fabricated aluminium or steel letter. This comes down to where the sign is going to be placed and how high it is going to determine the depth of the letters to work.

Illuminated signage is the best way to be seen every minute of the day and night

Illuminated signage is one of the most popular to date to use for your business. Everywhere you look there is illuminated signage from:

• Light box’s
• Pylon signs
• Big banners
• 3D letters
• Neon lighting

Defiantly a eye turner and a very good way to advertise you business, when the sun goes down. All illuminated signage are Australian made and are made to perfection. Not only are you getting a perfect fabricated item but the life of the sign is going to last.

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We work hard to help customers achieve their goals and we understand how important it is to deliver both on time and on budget. Every project we’re involved with is fully scoped and quoted and we guarantee to stay within the agreed budget. Should additions to the scope of works be required, we immediately refine our costing to reflect the additions and only undertake the work once approval is provided. In this way we always ensure the peace-of-mind that there will be no nasty surprises!

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