3 Ways To Think Different to Promote Commercial Signs

November 13, 2019
November 13, 2019 admin

Every business needs people to patronize them. But sometimes, it seems like all is done and the market is saturated. It may even seem like people can’t see your commercial signs. Probably, you’ve had them up there for some time and the number of customers hasn’t increased. Then, what do you do?

Commercial signs are put up to do one thing; attract customers. Yes, it may be a digital work where we have a lot of advertising and marketing online. But the commercial signs have maintained their relevance. Sometimes, it may be your best bet to get new customers. Do you have one already and want to make it better? Or do you just want to create your own commercial sign? If yes is your answer to both questions, then you must be ready to do things differently.

Doing things differently is the only way that you’re going to be able to make room for yourself in the market. The way a commercial sign is put up determines how it is perceived by the customer. It also determines how many new customers it can attract. So, how do you think outside the box when creating your commercial signs?

A compelling colour scheme.

As mentioned earlier, the goal of a commercial sign is to attract new customers. To do this effectively, you would need to adopt a compelling colour scheme. It’s important that you are bold about your brand and a compelling colour scheme would do that for you.

Colours carry an identity and your choice of colour would have a huge effect on the creation of a great sign. Major brands in the world are associated with a certain colour. So, you have to make sure that the colours you use for your brand are attractive to customers. Often times, most customers would recognize your company through your colours, so put some work into it.

When designing the colours, you have to keep consider a number of factors. What are you selling? Who are you selling to? What message are you looking to pass across? What identify do you want to have with your customers? Soon, you’ll be seeing a clear picture of what you want your sign to look like.

Contrast is also important.

The contrast of a sign has a lot to do with its readability. So, if you want customers to be able to read your sign from afar, then take note of the contrast.

Most signs include text and images on a continuous background. The contrast between these items is vital to how readers can go through its content. The safest way to go is by making use of dark colours on a light background or vice versa. Making use of similar text and background colours will decrease the readability of the sign. Adding a border around the text could also help to increase the readability of the text. When the text can be read, customers are able to easily understand your message and buy what you’re selling.

Pay attention to the size.

If you want your sign to not be overlooked keep the text and images at a good size. To put it quite simply, larger texts are easier to read. This can be very beneficial if you’ll be putting up your signs by the roadside. Make sure that you maximize the size of the text to squeeze in enough details into the sign.

Also, pay attention to the type of font you use. Some fonts are naturally more readable than others.

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