14 Awesome Signs and Designs You’ll Want to Bookmark

November 28, 2018
November 28, 2018 admin

14 Awesome Signs and Designs You’ll Want to Bookmark

There are certain strategies and rules, you want to follow when it comes to creating a high-quality design and sign that will attract the public’s attention. But some are more popular and efficient than others. At Vinage Customs, we know just how to make you fall in love with the signs we create for you. And you can have your own design to reach the brand awareness that you want as well. So here are the 14 signs and designs that we are proud to show you and invite you to contemplate!


  1. Building signs

These signs are placed on buildings and they tend to be the most visible ones. It also depends on the size of the building as well as the size of the sign and where the building is located. But if the circumstances are right, you should definitely consider these types of signage strategies!


  1. Car signs

Car signs have the super power of reaching an impressive amount of people all over town. Since you will drive your company cars to take care of different affairs, you can simply add a sign on your vehicle and advertise your brand at the same time. Easy said and in this case, easily done too!

  1. T-shirt design

Similar to car signs, t-shirt signs are also very popular thanks to their potential of getting to many potential clients at once. Simply wear your favourite shirt with your brand sign on it. At Vinage Customs we can give you creative ideas when it comes to the design of these t-shirts as well.

  1. Street banners

Your banner could be placed in one of the most populated streets in town to ensure you an increased level of popularity and therefore, more professional success. And you can achieve this in a short period of time! This is one of the most popular signage campaigns!


  1. Entrance signs

Entrance signs are usually placed at the entrance of certain buildings. You can use them in the main office of your company and let people know the quality of your products right from the start.


  1. Informative signs

Just how their name suggests, informative signs have the role to let your potential clients know the basics of your company. You can add your contact information, your main products and services and suggest your prices. This will help people decide fast if you are the right choice for them.


  1. Contact signs

There are signs that regard only the contact information and the name of the brand. Such signs are more common on cars because people can read them fast in traffic and retain the information just as fast. So, any brand should have a set of such signs with their logo and slogan on it.


  1. Products signs

Certain signs only advertise the products of a company and they are very effective as well. If your company has a wide range of products, you will not be able to make a sign with them all but stick to the newest ones!


  1. Services signs

If you offer services as well as products or just services, you need a sign to inform people about it. Make it simple and place it in strategic areas where your target audience might be more present.


  1. Interior signs

Some signs are made to be placed inside the buildings. You can use these signs to advertise your brand on the hallways of your company so people can be aware of the quality of it while they are waiting to talk to someone from your company.


  1. Special occasion signs

If you are planning to celebrate your brand’s anniversary for instance, as well as any other occasion, you need one of these signs. Let people know about your way to celebrate such moments and invite them to be part of it by checking out your services or products.


  1. Opening signs

Are you opening a new store, office or are you breaking into a new city or country? If that’s the case, you need one of the supreme quality opening signs! This will inform people about your new location way before it is up and running so you can expect to have clients from the first day!


  1. Direction signs

Another helpful sign that you can incorporate into your signage campaign is a direction sign. Such signs should be placed in town around your office’s location to help people find your address faster and easier. Indicate how much more they have to walk to get to you or how to make it by taking the shortest way.


  1. Special offers signs

All brands have a set of special offers, or so they should! If that’s the case, you know how much clients love special offers and prices so you need to let them know about yours so they can benefit from it.


These types of signs are suitable for almost any company which is why you should consider making them part of your campaign! Try to stay on top of the market by creating high-quality signage and reach the success you aim for!

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