10 Ways to Direct People with Melbourne Safety Signage

April 15, 2019 admin

10 Ways to Direct People with Melbourne Safety Signage

If marketing signage is used to advertise different brands in order to make them popular and increase their profit, safety signage is also used to direct people in a safe way toward their final destinations. And there are many ways to direct people with Safety signage while they are in Melbourne, especially if you use the services of Vinage Customs, which is the most popular and appreciated signage, the company at a local level.

Here are the best 10 ways to use when you need to direct people in Melbourne with safety signage!

1. Place direct signs on the shortest path to your business

Keep in mind that the most important goal of having safety signage campaigns is to direct people toward certain places and locations. In order to do that safely and efficiently, these signs should be placed strategically on the best path so that your potential clients will not be left wondering around. If you are not very familiar with the area, you can always consult a specialist and follow their advice when it comes to placing such signs.

2. Use clear colors and don’t overload the safety signs

Usually, safety signage campaigns are characterised by the same colors which are red, white, blue and black. In very rare occasions you might find yellow or orange. These colors as well as the shape of the signs are crucial for the efficiency of such a signage strategy. It is very important for your signs to be easily visible and very easy to understand. This is why respecting the colors and using them in clear shades with no effects of filters can be the difference between an efficient sign and one that is not so functional.

3. If you are using classic safety signage strategies, respect the local guidelines

Melbourne, just like any other location, is following certain guidelines when it comes to safety signage campaigns and you should also respect these guidelines. This means that the colors, shapes as well as certain locations should be taken into account when you create a sign and think to place it somewhere.

4. Place your signs in the right locations.

Always place your signs in areas where they will be efficient. For instance if you want to direct people to get to your restaurant, you should place those signs on the way to the restaurant. If you need to place warning signs such as “no parking”, that don’t advertise anything in particular, also be sure to place them in the correct location otherwise you will not obtain the results that you want.

5. Don’t use these signs to advertise your brand

Safety signs are not used to advertise a certain brand even if, like we previously mentioned, you can add a certain tint of advertisement to such a signage campaign. But your main goal should be to direct people and protect them from hazards such as entering a one-way street or crossing the boulevard in the wrong way.

6. Avoid placing too many signs in a small area

It is also very important to not over do it. Placing too many safety signs will not only be annoying but also inefficient for your target audience. Stick with one or two placed in the best locations and you should be covered! 

7. Work with a signage company that will understand exactly what you need

It is very important to collaborate with people that know what you need when it comes to safety signage campaigns. At Vinage Customs you will find the help you need for warning signs such as the traffic ones but also for those signs used to direct people to your business or your location in general.

8. Establish very straight the outcome of your signage strategy

All signage campaigns should have a main goal implemented before one would invest in them. So, most likely you know why you want such a campaign and why you should invest in one. Let the company that you work with know your main goal as well so that everyone will work towards it.

9. Try to be empathic and see how your target audience will react to your signage campaign.

In order to have an efficient signage campaign, especially when it comes to safety signs, you need o think like your audience. Try to imagine yourself coming across one of these signs for the first time and see how it would impact you so you can decide if it is going to be just a efficient for others.

10. This is not the time to get creative

Even if you have plenty of creative ideas, this is not the time to explore or express them. Your signs should be clear and easy to read every time which is why you shouldn’t try to make them more complicated than they have to be.

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