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People cannot see behind a window frosting Melbourne glass, also known as translucent glass. The frosted glass serves as privacy glass, protecting people’s privacy. Glass spandrels act as a shield and barrier, preventing direct light transmission.

Frosted glass principle

The most essential characteristic of frosted glass custom signs Australia is that the surface of the frosted glass is uneven. When the light transmits the surface of the flat glass, the surface of the flat glass will reflect the rays very evenly and evenly. The rough glass surface allowed the light to be transmitted through the glass, but all the lights were blurred; the refracted images were already incomplete when the diffuse lights were reflected on the retina. The frosted glass makes the lights soft and not dazzling.




Like diffuse greenhouse glass, if the glass is just plain clear or low iron glass, the greenhouse structures will create shadows and affect the overall light transmission, whereas when frosted glass is applied, or we call it to glass diffuse, greenhouse, light entering the greenhouse will eliminate shadows and increase overall light transmission, resulting in higher fruit production.


How to make frosted glass?

As we mentioned above, frosted glass has an uneven glass surface, so the critical point for making frosted glass is to make the surface of the glass inconsistent and blur the reflected lights. Here are some methods for making frosted glass.


Sandblasted glass

Sandblasting is a type of work that uses compressed air as power to push the abrasive towards the surface of the glass. As a result, the glass surface is damaged and forms an uneven glass surface.

The advantage of sandblasted glass is the price, the processing of sandblasted glass is only USD2 / SQM, but the shortage is. Still, as the diameter of the emery is large, the surface of the polished glass sandblasted is very rough and looks very ugly. Therefore, it is generally used as insulating glass interior panels and other areas that do not care about the appearance and beauty of glass.


Acid Etched Glass

Unlike physical methods of making ground glass, acid etched glass involves using chemical processes to make ground glass. The production procedure is as follows:

(1) Washing and drying: the flat glass that will be produced by grinding is first washed with water to remove dust and stains and then dried.

(2) Lifting: Place a clean and dry flat glass on the lifting rack, damp the part of the lifting rack in contact with the glass with tooth-shaped rubber support, and discharge the glass vertically, with some distance between the glass and the glass.

(3) Acid etching process: submerge the glass, along with the glass rack, in the acid etching pools using a crane. The glass will be immersed in solid acid for 5-10 minutes.

(4) Softening: there is a layer of residue on the ground glass after soaking the remaining acid; after the softening process, wash the ground glass in the softening pool for 1-2 minutes to remove the residue;

(5) Cleaning: The ground glass body contains many chemicals due to corrosion and softening, so it needs to be cleaned.

(6) The clean frosted glass is placed in the drying room to dry and becomes single or double-sided frosted glass.

Compared with sandblasted glass, the surface of the acid-etched glass is much smoother. Therefore, it is used in high-end areas, for example, glass partitions, glass tables, shower door glass.

Manufacturers can partially coat the glass and create unique patterns on the glass surface or have the glass somewhat acid-etched through the acid etching process.


Acid-etched glass with a unique pattern maker

By controlling acid etching time, acid etching glass factories can also produce slip-resistant glass with larger dots or patterns on the glass surface and prevent it from falling off.


The price of acid-etched glass is about USD5 /SQM higher than standard glass; although acid etched glass is perfect, there is still a shortage; to make residual acid more environmentally friendly, factories have to use a lot of water and chemical components to treat waste.


Glass film with a translucent appearance.

If the glass is already installed, how can customers convert the ground glass to already installed glass using the methods we mentioned?


The ideal solution is translucent film!

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