How To Make The Best 3D Lettering Signage

November 22, 2019
November 22, 2019 admin

For a better understanding of this article, it would be best to go through some basic concepts such as; lettering, 3D graphics, and signage.

Lettering: This is the use of the handwritten form of letters to a surface, either for the purpose of art, graphics designing, giving directions, identification of places and venues, calligraphy, technical drawing, it could sometime include typography. It’s the basic reason is to catch the attention of the reader and to want such a person to want to read it.

Signage is, however, a public sign for identification of locations and venues for people. While the concept of three-dimensional signage takes it a step further. Because a 3D lettering signage gives volume to the lettering. It makes it more admirable than a 2D lettering, which is just flat on the surface. This innovation is now quite popular because it seems to amuse its viewers more, captivating them for a little while, need just enough for them to remember it.

Below are stepping in making a 3D Lettering signage: 

Know what you want

The first thing I want you to do is to take a few minutes and reflect on what kind of designs do you want to do. Imagine it and you probably have it sketched or you surf the internet to get samples for your design. 

Know the different kinds of 3D lettering signage

There are few choices to select from, but your consideration should be based on the intended location and the purpose of the signage is meant to serve. Before choosing any design it is best to read up on them. Get familiar with them and know the advantages and disadvantages of each type highlighted below. Then figure out which one would best suit the purpose you want to have it made.

3D Wood signs

The making of this signage can come from any type of wood. The wood could be cedar or redwood.

3D Acrylic signs

The acrylic signs are commonly used in lobbies, for room numbers on doors and can also be used for directions. How these signs come in various colours and cut into various sizes, very versatile and can be polished. Also referred to as “three-dimensional wood letters and logos”.

3D cast metal plaques

The metal casting dimensional plaques are deemed worthy enough to identify landmarks, parks, events or people. A bronze cast metal plate is often used on office desks nameplates. Sometimes these metal plates could be used to identify buildings.

3D metal letters

It is good to know that they make a good long-lasting impression. The most frequent choices of metal casting; Aluminium, brass, bronze, stainless steel, copper. 3D Metal letters can be polished, painted and brushed

3D Plate signage

It is multipurpose and could be just what you need in your homes, condors, and apartments. It is great for indoors and outdoor signs.

Time to be practical

Now you know what you want because you know the purpose of the signage and where it would best befit. The next thing is to go practical. Get the materials that go along with the 3D signage you want to build. Consider the cost, consider the effectiveness.

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