5 Unbelievable Secrets for Construction Hoarding Banners

July 10, 2020 admin

5 Unbelievable Secrets for Construction Hoarding Banners

A construction hoarding banner is simply a large temporary board fence erected around a building site bearing a symbol, logo, slogan or another message in regards with the on-going construction.

Although mandatory for any construction to take place, hoarding banners have over time helped a lot in ensuring safety measures at construction sites and improved the working conditions of construction employees. This is especially if the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards are incorporated to pass on important messages and to help guide the workers during the construction process.

The Occupational Health and Safety standards are simply laws, standards and programs that are concerned with the worker’s wellbeing. They are put across to ensure that workers wellbeing is catered for and the business is also protected from mistakes that may as well result from workers negligence.

Here, we are going to discuss some unbelievable secrets of these construction hoarding banners.


1. They help in securing the project financially

This simply means that they save one from using money unnecessarily without planning for it. With the OHS signs helping to warn workers against any impending danger, money that would otherwise be used to pay-out the employees who get hurt. The project is therefore saved from financial losses.


Secrets for Construction Hoarding Banners Melbourne

2. They act as a guide

The signs and symbols on the hoarding banners help to guide both the pedestrians walking around or through the sites and the construction employees. Who is guided by the OHS signs put across? For instance, signs warning about slippery floors and dust would help guide the employees and the pedestrians to pass such sites with utmost awareness of the impending harm.


3. They aid in maintaining construction equipment

Hoarding banners incorporated with OHS signs help to maintain the construction equipment by guiding the workers on the correct way of handling the equipment. This, on the other hand, helps save things like electricity and water used during the construction. For instance, the Lock-Out or Tag Out signs help the workers to know when to put on and off equipment.



4. They offer protection for both the employees and pedestrians

Any construction site is a centre of bio-hazards, falling objects and even heavy machinery. That is mostly considered as harmful to both the public and the employees working the site. Chemicals and other used materials could pose a great deal of harm if no warning is put across for people to stay a distance whenever the chemicals are launched. OHS signs are used to make workers fully aware of the danger they are in when handling different chemicals that are used in their works. The same information is basically put across to the public through the hoarding banners to make them aware and possibly war hem to stay a distance from the construction site.



5. They are an avenue for advertisement

Advertisement of brands, construction and finishing products can be done on hoarding banners. Although a temporary avenue, the little time the information spends on the board is enough to make the intended market aware of the availability of the product in the market. The project managers, can also advertise their works and the names of their companies and make people aware of the good work they are doing.

Construction hoarding banners that have safety signs can be used in a very good way to protect both the construction personnel and the rest of the public. From any impending danger and to pass on any important information and messages to the public. They can also be used as advertising avenues to help boost the involved stakeholders business-wise.

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