5 Best of the Best Secrets for Outdoor Building Signs for your Business

November 16, 2021 admin

Whether you’ve noticed that your outdoor building signage Melbourne is aging and outdated, or your business has moved location, and you need a brand new outdoor illuminated signs Melbourne to display your business name proudly, you need to make sure you choose the right signage company. To tackle your work. Small business owners typically do not have much extra time to work with a vendor who does not respond or meet their specific needs the first time. As a result, it is critical to select reputable and capable sign manufacturers near me to handle your sign project. Consider the following factors when choosing sign makers Melbourne to work with:


1 Writing tips

Word Count – Effective outdoor building signage Melbourne should have a word limit. Too many words on a sign can only be distracting. Contact Vinage Customs to see how many words you should have on your new sign.

Essential Information Only – The words on your sign should convey only what customers need to know. Examples include –

  • Company Name
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Slogan
  • Call to action

Write for a moving target – Don’t lose sight of the fact that people will likely read your company sign from a moving vehicle. You don’t want to lose customers because they are too preoccupied with reading all kinds of information about your company. As a general rule, keep it simple!


2 Design tips

Brand Consistency – Your outdoor illuminated signs Melbourne should reinforce your company’s brand identity.

Font Considerations: Emphasize keywords with strong typestyles and more significant types.

Capitalization: Signs written in capital letters are more challenging to read. We recommend using upper and lower case for the content of your sign.

Color Contrast – The colors you select should be consistent with your other branding efforts. They should also be legible and complement the background color of the sign.

Focal Point – People tend to read from left to right and top to bottom, so the focal point should generally be placed towards the top left of the sign.


3 Location tips

Avoid Obstructions – It is essential that customers have a clear line of sight to your sign. Check for power lines, trees, other company signs, anything that might get in the way.

Lighting – While not technically a location issue, the question of whether or not your outdoor sign will light up can have an impact on location. Lighting is essential for businesses that open at night mainly. However, even those that close after dark can benefit from the lighting. If your sign will light up, consider access to electricity when deciding where to place it.

Color Contrast – The colors you select should be consistent with your other branding efforts, but they should also be easy to read. Our experts recommend opting for contrast, noting, for example, that “green on blue is not legible, unlike yellow on black, which is highly visible.”

Special Effects: Not only do you want your sign to convey your company brand, but you also need it to stand out from other signs in the same geographic location and be more memorable than signs in competitive businesses. Going with a 3D effect can help you achieve both goals.

Vinage Customs indicates that its customers who have 3D signs report a positive impact on the results, noting that with this type of sign, people can see the signs from further away.

Focal Point: The Vinage Customs team recommends setting a focal point on your sign, placing the most meaningful information there in a way that captures and holds attention. People tend to read from left to right and top to bottom, so the focal point should generally be placed towards the top left of the sign.


4 Graphics Limit:

According to experts, it is best to avoid using multiple graphic elements in exterior signage. While it is generally advisable to include your company logo, do not add additional graphics. Doing so would create clutter and could distract viewers.


5 Consider zoning restrictions:

Before investing in an outdoor sign for your business, make sure you are fully aware of any zoning restrictions or permitting requirements that you must adhere to. The quality sign-making companies Melbourne can help you determine what rules apply if you need a permit. Still, you are ultimately responsible for making sure your sign complies with local ordinances. Please do so before finalizing the design if you need to obtain prior approval from a zoning commission.


Check the leasing requirements: In addition to municipal restrictions, you also need to know what your building owner will allow you to do in terms of exterior signage. Again, there may be limitations specified in your lease, so check there first. If signage isn’t mentioned, don’t assume you can do whatever you want.

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